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Police Explorers

The Community Relations Bureau oversees the Suffolk County Police Explorers Program, which is coordinated through the Boy Scouts of America. The Police Explorers Program is a goal-orientated program for individuals between the ages of 14 to 20, who are interested in pursuing law enforcement as a possible career path. Although the Police Explorers is described as a "learning for life" program, it also serves as a volunteer public service program.

Each of the seven SCPD Precincts maintains an Explorer Post where participants are taught criminal law, and police procedures and tactics. They also engage in community outreach events and many other law enforcement activities. Police Officer Advisors help guide Explorers by teaching them valuable life skills and giving them insight into the daily life of a Police Officer. The Department has sixteen Police Officers and six civilian volunteers who oversee more than 200 participants.

This specialty youth career oriented program is endorsed by federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, the International Association of Chiefs of Police, and the National Sheriff's Association. More than 2,800 police and sheriff's departments have organized Explorer posts specializing in law enforcement. While Explorers do not perform as Police Officers, they can provide assistance in public service programs, such as crime prevention programs. The Explorers have the benefit of seeing firsthand what exactly the law enforcement profession entails and whether or not they would like to pursue this as their chosen profession.

How To Join:

Candidates for membership must undergo a selection process, including an initial application and a $54 fee, uniform fee, a comprehensive background investigation, and an interview with Post advisers and staff. Providing all of the aforementioned requirements are met the candidate will be granted the rank of Explorer in the program and will be provided with uniforms and equipment. It is recommended that all potential candidates attend a meeting before applying.

Post Entry Requirements:

  • Candidate must be no younger than 14, completed 8th grade and no older than 20years of age.
  • Candidate must have a clean background and a desire to help the community.
  • Candidate must agree to the Post Conditions of Membership

Please Note:

Exploring is not a boot camp. We are looking for young individuals with a genuine desire to make a difference in the community in a positive way and learn about law enforcement while doing so. The purpose of this is to ensure a positive learning environment centered on the education of interested parties.

Law Enforcement Exploring Scholarships:

Sheryl A. Horak Memorial Scholarship: $1,000

NOBLE Scholarships: 3 scholarships ranging from $1,500 - $2,500

Capt. James J. Regan Scholarships: $2,500

Motorola Solutions Foundation Public Safety Explorer Scholarship: $2,000 

Law Enforcement Exploring Benefits - Suffolk County Civil Service Exam Fee Waiver:

The County of Suffolk established a civil service examination application fee waiver for eligible candidates who meet the following qualifications:

  • Are active members of the Suffolk County Police Department Explorers program;
  • Have been members of the Explorers program for a minimum of two years at the time of seeking the fee waiver; and
  • Submit a letter from their Explorer post advisor confirming the applicant's satisfactory participation and service with their examination application.

Waiver request application can be downloaded here.

Explorer Contact List

1st Precinct Post 555
Ph: 631-854-8195
P.O. Margery Marotta
P.O. Christine Amon
5th Precinct Post 282
Ph: 631-854-8573
P.O. Brittany Sanabria
P.O. Sinead Keyes
2nd Precinct Post 201
Ph: 631-854-8250
P.O. Jaime Wustenhoff
P.O. Ilyssa Doughty
6th Precinct Post 516
Ph: 631-854-8673
P.O. Keith Murphy
P.O. Kathryn Skippon
P.O.A. John Skippon
3rd Precinct Post 389
Ph: 631-854-7333 / 8308
P.O. John Wright
7th Precinct Post 700
Ph: 631-852-8700
P.O. Dave Collins
P.O. Tyana Kurz
P.O. Michael Trotti
4th Precinct Post 410
Ph: 631-854-8474 / 8478
P.O. Kim Dono
P.O. Edward Mcquade
Community Relations Bureau
Ph: 631-852-6109




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